Home Maintenance Packages


Packages start at as low as $100.

Every package is custom. We work with you to customize a package that fulfill your individual needs.

Why not let us help you maintain  your largest investment!


No more climbing ladders


crawling under the house



Seasonal Home Maintenance Contract


1. Check all exterior and interior caulking and fix if necessary

2. Check all exterior siding, trim and fascia for deterioration

3. Check fence for loose posts, boards and rails

4. Check the chimney for obstructions and wear

5. Check the garage door and lubricate as necessary

6. Check all plumbing for leaks

7. Check refrigerator and freezer seals

8. Check the roof for moss and loose or missing shingles

9. Clean all gutters and check downspouts for proper operation

10. Check all windows for proper seal and operation

11. Check furnace for proper operation and change filters

12. Check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for proper operation

13. Check all drains

14. Check the garbage disposal

15. Check the ground fault receptacles and circuit breakers

16. Winterize sprinkler system

17. Winterize outside faucets

18. Check attic for leaks

19. Check attic for proper insulation

20. Check crawlspace for plastic

21. Check crawlspace/basement for leaks

22. Check crawlspace for insulation

23. Check whole house for signs of pests

24. Check operation of doors/locks

25. Check all interior and exterior lights for operation


Our list of checks and maintenance takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete. 

On our initial visit we can give you a list of the things that need more attention and an order of importance. 
This way YOU decide if you need to have these things fixed. 

Once the house is up to shape, we can maintain your house on a regular basis. This should prevent surprise repairs. 

Along with the regular maintenance we also offer emergency service.
In the event something unexpected happens we are available 24hrs a day to assist you. 

With our maintenance plan you get the piece of mind that all of your maintenance tasks will be taken care of for you. 
No more up on ladders on windy rainy days.
No more running to the store for light bulbs or furnace filters. 

We have that covered. We come to your house 4 times a year for approximately 4 hours at a time.
We email you or call and make an appointment.

We have a check list that we follow to make sure that we both know that everything is covered. 
We will also cover any special issues that you bring to our attention.

The checklist is given to you along with the start time and finish time so you know exactly the amount of time we were there.
A list of more extensive repairs will also be included if needed along with the materials required. 
We will follow up in the next couple of days with a detailed bid on the cost of these repairs. If and when you decide to do them we will schedule a time and get them taken care of as quickly as possible. 

We want to make maintaining a house as easy as possible but having all the right tools and knowledge makes it difficult. We take care of that for you. Now you can start enjoying your house instead of maintaining it all the time.


Choose a plan option that works best for you!

1. You can pay yearly and get a 10% discount for the service package

2. You can pay after each service

3. You can set up a monthly payment and divide it up

4. You can get a reduced service and only pay for what you want

With the exception of option 3 we ask to be paid after the services are rendered.

We accept check cash and credit or debit for your convenience.

If you are interested in any one of these plans circle the plan you want.

Then sign and date the contract.

We can then plan and schedule your next visit at your convenience.


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